Grant Information

As a result of a generous bequest made by Blodwen Lloyd Binns in 1992, funds are available to individuals and groups who make application for assistance in carrying out projects of natural history interest.

The Administrators of the Bequest normally meet three times each year: February, May and September; applications MUST be submitted to the Society's secretary by the 15th of the month proceeding the meeting, that is 15th January, 15th April and 15th August - please note that these deadlines have been changed recently. Late applications will not be considered. The application form is available from the Grants page of this website; please return in Rich Text Format (RTF) by email.

It was decided by the Council in January 2019 that applications will now only be considered from GNHS society members. Letters of support will be required for students from their supervisors or academic expedition leaders, but it is the students rather than their supervisors who should be members of the Society. For expeditions, the lead applicant should be a member; the Glasgow University Zoological Society has a corporate membership agreement so members of that society are considered as members of GNHS. Where the Administrators have to decide between the merits of competing applications, preference is given local over distant projects, and to projects likely to generate future publication (either in the Society's journal, the Glasgow Naturalist or elsewhere). The administrators will not normally give grants towards salaries.

The Administrators are empowered to make awards up to £2,000. Where an application is for greater than £2,000 and the Administrators are minded to make an award, the final decision is to be taken by the Council of the Glasgow Natural History Society.

In addition to funding natural history projects of local (= Scottish) interest, the Administrators are prepared to consider the following:

Once a project supported by the Bequest has been completed, a report should be sent to the Secretary of the Society. We encourage grant recipients to submit the results of their work for publication in The Glasgow Naturalist.


The Blodwen Lloyd Binns prize may be awarded annually for papers submitted for publication in the Glasgow Naturalist. The subject area is the natural history of Scotland. The intention of the prize is to encourage work by younger scientists – "younger" in the sense of new to scientific writing. Submitted work to be considered for the prize by the Administrators of the Bequest will therefore be amongst the first three scientific papers that the writer has submitted for publication.

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